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South Burlington

And it used to be that I would cjat a lot of my money on books, and now I can use the library to get these wonderful, large, expensive books without buying them. And so I thought, how is he going to manage? I think that we were doing poems from literary history.

You're known for all the wonderful things you do. They had old photographs that I discovered when I was doing my studies.

So these people were very interested in having their children study children and daycare. I think I'll have an exhibit. So I heard about this Thoreau Society, and in my master's—are we running out of time? And the library had a version of it just not many years ago. And then I guess I realized that I needed to back off a bit and not do them that night.

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It's like many of the students that come to me I feel are much as I was—a visual learner. I wanted to take a course in lettering. And so my grandparents, my father's parents, were there, and my father was in the Korean conflict at the time. So here was this historic site that was perfect for the parking lot. And now I find—one of the things I started doing was, once a year, a limited edition card. Think of the Declaration of Independence and John Hancock—that type of ature.

And since I have lived in so many places in the world, that's one thing that makes me very happy to be here. And he agreed to help me. Many of my students come from high and low income, and everyone seems to get along and be supportive.

And of course one of the things that I always enjoyed as a Navy child were libraries—my school libraries. And so I remember my mother and my grandmother crying as we were coming back, and I was really too young to understand what was going on.

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So a lot of my students will come in and say, "Mrs. Spock's grandson at the school.

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How do they do that? It's not a perfect world, but I see people that really try. And Henry Thoreau always said, "Look in your own backyard for what you love. Txet I said, "Oh, I think I'm in the wrong class, because I want to learn how to do lettering for posters. So they let me have Martha Stewart—Martha Smith—to help me.

And so I had written something in that regard. And then they said, "And we will bring you food so you can get taar to the food. So when I was seeing my dentist this summer, I said, "You know, I think maybe next summer, I'm going to do a safari. And they actually printed a very beautifully illustrated catalog, because they were able to pull from some of their holdings.

It has a little stream that used to be an Indian pathway down to the Sudbury River and lots of beautiful wetlands in the back and some very nice animals come to our backyard. I know it's not ideal. So last year the theme was the Middle East, and I actually went to the Middle East to do some research.

And the farmers would take the shells to lime their fields. And so I gave my notice to Millipore, and I subsequently found the Cambridge School of Weston because they were setting up a daycare for their teachers and business people.

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And they said, vree. And I would sit in the classroom, and we were asked to say a word that would begin with a letter. Some of my students have come back and made recommendations to me, because they've gone on to do exciting things. And after I'd eaten the three meals, I was just fine. And when I was on the plane, we had a choice of meals.

So I thought, let's just can the poster idea and go with the course. And so I asked my family, as I was broiling some scallops of all things laughsif they would let me go back to work after dinner.

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But they did use it, and, again, because of the teacher affirmation, I guess I thought, hey, there must be something in it. So my students will do color pencil drawings of these animals, the glaciers, and we'll put on an exhibit in the children's burrlington. Why don't we use it?

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And so I got his huge two volumes, and I looked up shells. Smiles, giggles, excitement and gratitude abound. Joyce, you need to go to the Amazon. And there's another community that also has a very good rapport, and that's Long Meadow.

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There are some—not the entire amount because some have picked them up. I was born gara Carthage, where the hospital was, but we were living in Neosho, Missouri, a very small Indian town, because there were these special springs there.

So when my children were finished with college, and I had many things that I'd done for the Orchard House, not just the cards, but also recipes and—I did the fifty—eight teaching maxims of Bronson Alcott.