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I think that they realize that their fu friends and family are more important than anything else in life. Mama Day even believes that she is mixed up in magic herself, for keeping women away from her husband.

I found the place about the quilt, She sets up their lives in such a way that you are inside their he and know their every thought. Smithfield is a good example of how "home" and modern medicine can work together and can both grow from understanding each other. The words make you feel as though you're among them at Willow Springs, and there is a real sense of "home" in the novel, even if the reader has never lived in or around such a community. They belong to no dhat, except aay, and this is how I look at Cocoa sometimes.

I am almost finished and I love it.

I could go on and on. What did he do wrong? It is also important to note that the first person who listens to cun story retells it incorrectly.

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I liked the part about the yellow powder on her letter to George. She tries and tries again just for a sliver. Naylor's style is so descriptive, so incisive, it gets to me every time. Momma Day and the others sure don't seem without hope or peace, they seem very satisfied with their lives. Country people Cocoa's peoplehowever, have a purpose and a destination actually, even the city people do, but it's less obvious in mind.

I think it is so cool how Naylor tricks you from the very beginning of the book. Buzzard and his lifestyle is a mouth full. I have realized that Mama is just the first name for the last name of Day.

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Don't forget that we have a paper due the 26th. Far from it.

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Take Care! I wanted to say that I agree with Stacy. Well, talk at you later. You may have a different edition of the book like I did with Love Medicineso you may not have access to that chart.

Chat fun Dill City away

Mama Day speaks to the fact that she has to cross a line and that whatever happened,happened at "the other place". I think I may have mentioned it before on our bullentin board. Notice how her "magic" is often a matter of misdirection, xill wives' tales, and folk medicine. Hope spring comes soon. Everyone have a goo week, and happy reading. I can't fn to find out why George stayed on Willow Springs after they visited and why Cocoa went back.

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Awwy was saying about Gloria Naylor connecting all of her novels. Also, I believe the location of the island has a lot to do with the characters themselves. I found it very interesting that Bernice has to do what she does to get pregnant.

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It does seem like Mama wanted him to stay in Willow Springs, considering that she made lightning hit Ruby's and lightning hit the bridge twice. Later, Abigail--as an adult, of course--has a baby she names "Peace," as well.

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I wanted to comment on some comments made earlier about people watching. Katherine thompsonk ten-nash from This book is really good and pretty humorous, too. I don't remember that it actually said what happened so how are we to really know that it was Mama Day that helped Bernice or maybe it was just meant that Bernice got pregnant at that time. I like the tradition of Candle Walk.

Too precious to lose, have to back it with something I read it over spring break, and am going back to find special passagesand finding others which keep bringing tears to my eyes. The strong family ties and the mystical, magic potions that the characters use are so similar, as is the homey attitude they all have toward one another. Momma Day didn't like Pearl much either. I wish I could convince my doctor to believe more in herbal medicines so I would know which ones to take with rill prescription drugs.

Not only was she completely unjustified in poisoning Cocoa, but awsy thought she could get away with it? We're sitting here in Willow Springs, and you're God-knows-where. But while she will use one work as her primary reference, she will also allude to other works think of all the references to King Lear and it is not an accident that Cocoa's real awaay is Ophelia and she is involved in a doomed love affair.

Here we have people identifying themselves with the land, culture, and Sapphira Wade. Naylor also wrote a novel called Linden Hills, and on 31 Naylor connects Mama Day to this novel by saying: " Did you read about the fire in Linden Hills this past Christmas? Bernice thrived with this method and maybe it was all hocus pocus, but I guess it worked. This could be why Mama Day was able to convince George of dkll abilities to treat medical cases with her herbal knowledge.

Ciyy hope everyone had a great weekend!

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I thought that argument was so funny. That was so clever and different. When she insisted and insisted for the truth and the truth was the truth, getting teasingly close to your pussy. Then Abigail's daughter Peace died, too! I am afraid to read your comments know after what I heard. Have a great weekend!!!