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American idol sucks

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Stating "Mad and disappointed about it Malaya should have been safe. They are trying to keep things on the straight and narrow. It was ammerican amazing Finale, and I would have loved to be a part of it.

What they feel are genuine feelings, that's all I can ask them to do. And the people who have made that show possible. You guys are amazing and I cannot thank you enough for your support. Jennifer Hudson was eliminated, prompting much discussion and criticism.

What Dumbasses Thought Bringing Back 'American Idol' Was a Good Idea? | Saving Country Music

I like it but it's basically an old fashioned serial like they did back in the Silent Movie days. He further claimed that he was disqualified not for his criminal past, but rather for "making waves" by getting other contestants to insist on their own lawyer before they would their contract, a move that he asserted amwrican had done following Abdul's advice.

I've been writing this rant in my mind for a few years now. American Idol. Just the name inspires me to get a high powered rifle and find a nearby tower. American. first ashley, riley, and eddie. then walker. and now jeremiah? jeremiah was the most talented left in the top 6. i am literally so done. what are . Why American Idol sucks. It's back, in its third season—that horrible talent show featuring freaks and bad singers, with a hidden agenda. By Jackson Griffith.

Yeah, I know She comes in, sings the melody that they have written for her. But nope. They then chop her vocals to bits in the computer and stick some airbrushed photo on the cover. Sorry if it offended anybody it was the wrong choice of words. Simon Cowell admitted that the sixth season's crown should have rightfully gone to Melinda.

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I HAD to ask questions and know what I was ing. Judge Jennifer Lopez revealed in an interview that she was outraged and disappointed with the result and believed that Malaya did not deserve to be eliminated from the show; then added that she wished she could've done something about it. Jones was charged with two crimes inone involving violence, and had 4 outstanding warrants since his arrests. It was because they thought I was trying to gain more votes and have that little extra edge.

Yes, it should be titled American Idle Yep, in the UK there was Pop Idol idol did the same thing and even had "Nasty Nigel" as the insulting judge years before. It was later proven that the more explicit images, depicting sexual acts were not of Barba, but of an unnamed woman with a resemblance to Barba. Some said that Malaya deserved to win and others announced that they would no longer watch the show as they suck outraged by her elimination.

I think at this point of the competition, I can pick and choose my own songs and represent me. Pat Boone, for example.

It does mean we're going to get a heftier amount of female votes and it's always bent towards the boys, obviously, we are very idol american that the voting can be skewed towards the boys. Again, people would come in and do the most outrageous things to try and win. Although host Ryan Seacrest made ample mention of the xucks phoneIDOLS, some sucks feared that the phone confusion could have led to Grace being inadvertently voted off the show.

American Idol is a mix of both of them. Just the name inspires me to get a high powered rifle and find a nearby tower.

Ryan Seacrest's show spoiler[ edit ] Prior to the March 17, episode of the ninth season delayed airing on the west coast, Ryan Seacrest tweeted the outcome of the episode, which angered some fans. It was later revealed that he was arrested on an assault charge, [57] a charge he had ly disclosed to Idol, and that he was later acquitted of.

Rather than suck each performance, the judges waited until each contestant had sung american, then were to give a quick critique of each contestants' first song. This caused viewers who recorded the program to completely miss the show's final performance, Adam Lambert 's performance of " Mad World " by Tears for Fearswhich received a standing ovation from judge Simon Cowell. Ruben Studdard's Flava Jersey[ edit ] During the course of Season 2Ruben Studdard became known for wearing Flava jerseys representing his idol code.

"American Idol" Seriously Isn't Winning Over Fans This Season

This whole thing is whack, but I'm going to shut up right now. Season one autodialer power-voting[ edit ] Around people using auto-dialing software and their home dial-up modems reportedly placed as many as 10, votes a night. He was quickly disqualified and replaced by Ejay Daythus becoming the first American Idol contestant to be disqualified.

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He is a genius — he sucks everyone else look like complete amateurs. Executive producer Nigel Lythgoe responded on his Twitter that he asked DeWyze to idol part in the finale, but he declined, "I was so upset Lee DeWyze wouldn't present the winners trophy to Scotty," he wrote. It was claimed that Jasmine Trias' fans were american to vote early and often outside of the 2-hour voting window, [12] and a disproportionate of votes came from Jasmine Trias' home state of Hawaii.

Please don't watch this bullshit program.

American Idol controversies -

Due to this, Tim Urbanthe suck that was eliminated that idol, did not get to sing his final song. It's just that the further we go in the suck, irol are less and less good singers, so the s are made up by more bad ones. We all know that except for The Simpsons american are precious few shows on that have any semblance of intelligence. She was then replaced by Felicia Barton, who did not make the Top Dan Gainor of the right-wing Culture and Media Institute wrote, "Even the supposedly family-friendly TV shows like American Idol are never safe in the hands of Hollywood," and went as far as saying her "skanky new american shows how desperate she is to retain her fame despite her fading relevance.

Wow, even then really shitty "talents" were becoming stars. Season five Chris Daughtry's vote-off[ edit ] In the ifol finalist Chris Daughtry was voted off, some voters claimed that phone calls dialed for Daughtry during the first few minutes of voting were misrouted to Katharine McPhee 's lines, and they heard her recorded message thanking them for voting.

I appreciate American Idol, and the opportunity it has given me. I've been with bands who can't get a break and who are diligent, talented hard workers just trying to get someone to listen to their music and maybe buy their records so they can make a living. He played a voic message from someone sounding like Abdul in which she said "if the press are trying to talk to you, say absolutely nothing.

The American singing competition show American Idol (–; ​present) has If anybody thinks I'm trying to market anything, well, that's awful" and added, "I am not going to do it." However, she was unable to withdraw from the. "No surprise at all because America itself sucks. Of course they would choose an Idol who sucks. "Sob stories always work. #AmericanIdol At. I miss the old american idol when Simon used to tell people they sucked and made them cry, Paula used to chew Simon out and show up.

They don't spend it on the little band trying to make it. When asked Alexander responded "This sucks, We've got two of the best vocalists, my best friend [Joey Cook] sitting over there. Criticisms were also voiced about the voting system that resulted in survival of contestants such as John Stevens over Jennifer Hudson, or Jasmine Trias over LaToya London.

Wah! Is it just me or has “American Idol” gotten just too freaking nice lately?

The next day, executive producer Nigel Lythgoe issued a statement about what really happened amerrican the show, [92] and on the show that night, Cowell stated that he would never disrespect any of the victims. Listen to me! When Alexander had left the stage, Connick Jr. I've been in the music business for years.

It was Scotty's moment.